Established in Istanbul in 1998, Atlantis operates in agricultural and landscape areas. Production, installation, drip irrigation systems, landscape (recreation) irrigation systems, compact construction equipment, greenhouse construction production and installation and agricultural product production are the main fields of work of Atlantis.

Atlantis, since the end of 1998 in Turkey in agricultural irrigation, the first performing a Center pivot and linear irrigation Systems has begun to produce its own structure. Thanks to these systems, thousands of acres of land are irrigated untouched by saving time, labor and the amount of water used. Atlantis has succeeded in developing models of Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems that can be used for different field sizes with its R&D projects.

In Agricultural Irrigation; Operating with the latest technology in Center Pivot, Linear Irrigation Systems and Drip Irrigation Systems, Atlantis provides application projects consultancy services, installation and all kinds of technical services.

It sells the machines it produces as a result of its R&D activities and provides after sales services in the production of compact business machines. Greenhouse construction systems are produced and installed by authorized personnel of Atlantis. It has a wide range of products in vegetable production in agricultural product breeding.

Atlantis with its expert staff; In order to meet the needs of the sector, it has all the necessary technological infrastructure in the project, installation, operation and maintenance stages and offers this experience to its customers in the best way. Atlantis has achieved great success by justifying the design, implementation, technical support of the systems, sales of materials as well as the quality consultancy services it provides free of charge.

Work, continuing care in general Atlantis is located in Turkey for many dealers and resellers, to you with service quality and reliability is trying to offer the best service.


Respect for everyone, from which people do not manage people, where people manage their business, do not manage the customer, “govern in line with customer demands”, competition within the organization, solidarity instead of personal interests, corporate interests, competition with competitors outside, competitive superiority, namely “creating a different lane”, asthma superiority, everyone From love to everyone, from waste to efficiency in every field, resource and cost management, from crisis to problem and process management, from the best to continuous and better, to more understanding of excellence, from you to us.


Aiming for continuous change and sustainable growth,
Prioritizing internal and external customer satisfaction,
Using our corporate resources in the most efficient way,
Respectful to the environment,
Creating an honest but distinct course in competition with products that are constantly improving in quality,
Globally respected,
Sharing its opportunities,
To be an institution that manages the future.


Moving from decreasing resources and increasing world population, using environmentally-friendly transformable resources efficiently, with the knowledge, skills and energies we have developed from customer expectations, to efficiently produce innovations that will satisfy the needs of the society in the social life and to provide them all together, to provide the latest information to our institution, to process this information and to transfer this information to the next generations by reproducing it with usable engineering and technology.

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