Provides economic application; for sensitive applications, you can achieve maximum efficiency by applying water and medicine or fertilizer directly to the root area of your crop with a minimum amount of water or medicine.

Easy to use: the irrigation method is easier with powerful, easy-to-use control panels.

It saves labor and time; compared to other irrigation methods, the Atlantis irrigation system helps you maximize productivity by saving both Labor and time. It provides minimal maintenance and operating costs; Atlantis, irrigation machines are designed and manufactured for use in your field or farm. It is manufactured as a result of a combination of the highest quality parts and the highest quality workmanship. In this way it is an irrigation machine that you can use for years.

Atlantis provides professional project support; irrigation machines are designed and manufactured by a professional technical team to meet your needs in the most accurate way. Professional technical staff working in a systematic way in project design and applications produces the right solutions to your needs. At the same time, all your technical service and spare parts needs are met professionally as soon as possible after installation and sales.

Necessary finance and ease of payment; once your need for Atlantis watering machines has been determined, you will be offered the most appropriate form of payment.

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